If I asked you to close your eyes and think about a home remodel, can you see the finished product? Your dream kitchen, a luxury bathroom, or an open space where you can sip tea (or let’s be serious chug coffee) and see the kiddos playing (nicely) in the adjacent room. Sigh.

The reality is remodeling is an emotional process – not only excitement and satisfaction, but fear, anxiety and frustration. Homeowners feel like they’re in renovation chaos, stuck between the home they wanted to change (but was comfortable in) and the one they know it can be. Contractors are in and out, they’re over budget and way past schedule… It’s no wonder many homeowners put off the remodel they envisioned the day they bought their home.

The thought of people putting off renovating a home that supports their life vision….well quite frankly it drives me crazy. Why? Because renovating doesn’t have to inevitably turn into a renovation nightmare and you absolutely shouldn’t have to put off living in a home you love.

Over the years, I’ve mastered the remodeling process (the good, the bad and the ugly), so, I know it’s possible to avoid remodeling nightmares and finally create the home you envisioned.

Which is why I created the Renovation Roadmap – my step-by-step eCourse that guides homeowners through choosing the right contractor, staying on budget and keeping on schedule. With over 25 checklists and tip sheets, the my program has become an invaluable tool for homeowners when reviewing contracts, establishing timelines and more.

Here’s an infographic with a few key things that will help you avoid a home remodeling nightmare and make sure your remodel goes as smooth as possible.

Home Remodeling Tips


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