The basement. It’s a space with a lot of potential, but most of us use the lowest level of our home as a dim, cold storage room where boxes of holiday decorations, old family photos, and hand-me-down antiques sit and collect dust.

We want our basement to feel cozy, comfortable, and inviting, but most of us don’t know how to change the space. Or, even if we think we have an idea of the design, may not know how to put it into action.

The beauty of a basement is there are almost endless renovation possibilities and there’s no reason to be overwhelmed with the process. Here are three great basement renovation ideas to get you started:

Recreation Room or Entertainment Center

If your family loves movie nights or inviting guests over to catch the big game, consider turning your basement into a rec room or entertainment center. Install a flat-screen TV with a stunning display, or choose a projector and screen for an old-school feel. Don’t forget to include reclining chairs, plush carpet, and a pool table for extra fun.

Because an entertainment center or recreation room has certain features that other renovation projects will not, make sure you choose a contractor who can carry out your project to your specifications. The Renovation Roadmap can give you advice for choosing and interviewing a contractor who will bring your project to life.

Family Room & Child Play Area

Does your family need more space to stretch out? Convert your basement into an extra family room. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint, choose soft carpet, and fill the room with couches, loveseats, and armchairs for plenty of comfortable seating. Give your children their own special play area by filling a corner of the family room with their favorite decorations, toys, a desk to complete homework, and whatever else your children love.

Sadly, so many of us struggle to keep our renovation under budget, which makes the exciting concept of remodeling appear to be a costly uphill battle. The Renovation Roadmap has budgeting tools and advice to keep you under budget with every purchase you make.

Office or Studio

Everybody in your household needs a space to call their own, and building an office or studio is the perfect renovation project for the creative type who needs a private place to work. Home office or studio must-haves may include a desk, swivel office chair, bookshelf, white board, lounge chair, and whatever else you need to get inspired.

Every detail of your office or studio needs to promote the flow of creative energy so you can not only feel your best, but do your best work!

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