Winter is almost here – are you ready?

On the East Coast, summer was hot, rainy and LONG. Fall arrived with a bang and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here followed swiftly by the cold, winter months! It’s

Be an Informed Renovator

We love giving homeowners the insider information needed to master the art of a renovation! We created the Renovation Roadmap as an online tool that helps you navigate the remodeling process when working with a general

Guest Blog by Brandon Cartee, owner of Foundation Repair Services

“Check This First” Steps You can Take

You don’t need to be on a reality TV show or have the budget to engage a full service design-build firm to make

Your home’s wall colors have a lot of power: the right shade of paint can make a room’s furnishings pop, make your home much more appealing to potential buyers or even help you feel more energized or relaxed. If you

 Overlooking-the-OceanYou know that feeling when your heart is full?  Full of love, full of gratitude, and full of life? It’s almost like you’re invincible.

I think that’s our natural state.  A state of bliss.  Of undefined possibility waiting to happen