Guest Blog by Brandon Cartee, owner of Foundation Repair Services

“Check This First” Steps You can Take

You don’t need to be on a reality TV show or have the budget to engage a full service design-build firm to make home improvements. Even if you aren’t that experienced with a hammer or saw, there are still some basic projects you can do that could make a significant difference in the livability of your house. In fact, many common problems people have with their homes can be fixed relatively easily. As you plan your remodel, there are some basic “check this first” steps you can take before opening your checkbook for a contractor. Take a moment to consider whether or not you might be able to solve the issue on your own.

Drafty Home?

Drafty rooms are one of the biggest complaints homeowners have. This is especially true for older homes. While it might be a major concern, the causes are usually obvious and, in some cases, can be easily remediated. Insufficient insulation or cracks around windows and fixtures could be letting cold air into the room. This means the solution may be as easy as adding more insulation or weather stripping around door and window frames. Even something that looks scary and could potentially be something more serious like cracks in foundation walls, could be resolved with the installation of some tiebacks. If in doubt, always seek the opinion of an expert.

Common Problems Checklist

Take a look at the accompanying checklist for more simple solutions for common issues in the house. Many of them could be something you can take care of yourself. 

Common House Problems & Solutions Checklist created by Foundation Repair Services

If you’re looking at remodeling but don’t want to go it alone, check out my online eCourse the Renovation Roadmap or schedule a Clarity Session so I can get you the help you need. 


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