Buying and moving into a new home is exciting and fun, but it can no doubt be stressful. A client of mine told me a story I’ve heard time and time again:

She told me she loved their first town home, because it was the first home they ever bought. They had gotten married and brought home their first puppy (and then their first baby) and had created so many incredible memories!

But with all those life changes, she needed more room, and finally decided to leave for “suburbia” (although some would argue everything near her is suburbia, as she lives in a beach town).

Amazingly, when she found this new home, she wasn’t even looking! She just came across it on Zillow and told her husband they were going to go look at (because why not, right?).

When they walked in, she just knew.

She looked past the paint colors, clutter, shelves of toys and excess furniture of the current residents and knew she had to have it.

Fortunately, the house didn’t need any renovations just minor flooring and painting (although an addition may be in her future). One of the most urgent problems was that she had to choose paint colors, so she could have it painted before they moved everything in (including a toddler and dog). She knew she didn’t like the current colors and that she preferred a bright and light home that feels open and relaxing – but she also know she could easily over – turquoise everything into an everlasting Caribbean ocean! Nothing stressed her out more than deciding on paint colors (until she had to buy area rugs for the first time, but that’s another story)!

Choosing Paint Colors For Her Home Was Harder Than She’d Ever Imagined

So what did she do? Like everyone else I know, she created a Pinterest board, she pinned colors, went to Home Depot with her dog and gathered swatches, asked friends and family for advice and probably just about drove her colleagues nuts with her indecision. She obsessed over what she would choose and the next day she’d be just as confused (if not more) than the day before.

Finally, she reached out for support!  She knew she needed someone who could actually narrow down choices, tell her why, and make sure the colors of her home served her intention and purpose.

She decided I was just the gal she’d been looking for, so I had her fill out a brief on her current home and what she wanted it to be like (fully admitting her turquoise obsession). She told me she needed help choosing paint colors for her home that would make it feel open and relaxing with that coastal vibe she wanted.  We did just that…and then she made me promise I’d write a blog about her experience 😉

Note from Rachel:

Don’t Even Think about Remodeling without Mina’s Support!


After stressing about something as seemingly small as paint colors and home decor (not even a big renovation!) I realized I can’t be alone. I knew other people needed her help and Mina agreed and soon launched her online eCourse – the Renovation Roadmap.

Seriously…if you want to make your home the place you’ve always dreamed of (and you want a little help along the way). Mina Fies is your gal!


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