By the time the first sledgehammer swings, most of us are ready for the long-anticipated home improvement to be over. There are many stages in a remodel, and a few tips and tricks can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth process and a great outcome. That’s why the Renovation Roadmap supplies homeowners with all the tips, checklists, worksheets and other tools together in one online renovation planner that helps you navigate more smoothly through the remodeling process.

This month, our guest blog is from Tom Borski from with advice on one aspect of a remodel that may not even be on your radar!

During the planning stage, remodeling seems so straightforward. Some homeowners focus on the walls that need removing, others on what color to choose, but everyone imagines how great everything is going to look when it is finished. However, what homeowners don’t often think about is what construction work is going to do to the rest of the home and the furniture.

Along with planning the design, materials choices and any other things for your remodel, it is paramount you cover up your furniture. It’s impossible to completely avoid dust and debris during the remodeling process, but there are a few steps you can take to keep the disruption to a minimum. Most reputable contractors will use plastic walls and zippered doorways to separate construction areas from the rest of the home. You should also put floor protection down to protect walkways and other areas from foot traffic coming and going to the space you are remodeling. If you are working with a general contractor, ask tif they have a HEPA air scrubber or other high powered vacuum to keep dust particles contained as much as possible.

There is one particular aspect in the preparation phase that needs more attention…your mattress!

Having worked in the industry for a number of years, mattresses are often forgotten about in the remodeling planning process by homeowners. Here’s why you should add them to your list:

1. Dust particles

As soon as work begins, and your contractor and their crew come trudging through the front door, they will bring all kinds of dirt and other debris with them – and that’s before work even begins! Once construction starts and demolition begins, all sorts of inhalable particles are released into the air – and they spread like crazy. Reputable firms will take action to reduce the spread of dust, but even the best contractors can only keep it to a minimum. If you are living in your home during the remodel, find a plastic cover that can be easily put on your bed during the day to protect your bedding and mattress. If you are not using your guest bedrooms, remove the linens and cover the mattresses with plastic before work begins. If you protect your mattress well, you can avoid sneezing fits and reduce worry of what particles end up in the bedroom.

2. Bed Bugs & Mites

Another increasingly reported issue is bed bugs. Hardly a summer goes by without travel stories of bed bugs hitching a ride on suitcases when they come home from hotels. Mites are another unwelcome visitor when remodeling starts – they get scattered into the air with all of the work going on. New infestations can also start when items in a home such as furniture, decorative articles, books, and linen, for example, are moved. As their habitat gets shaken up, insects become disturbed and come out from hiding. If you’ve taken the step to protect your mattress, then you reduce the risk of them building a stronghold in your bed.

3. Allergens

As with dust, if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, they could experience more problems during a remodel. Allergens are also spread throughout your home through AC ducts and vents. Covering your mattress, bedding and pillows helps reduce exposure during the 8-hours you spend in bed.

Don’t risk exposing your bed and mattress to dirt, dust, and nasty critters! There is no one way to cover your mattress. What matters is that you do it correctly and that the covering is well sealed. Cover your mattress in well-sealed plastic or a specially fitted cover you can purchase at any department store or online. You won’t regret it when the debris starts flying. You will be the person dreaming of your finished project in your dust, bug, and mite free bed.

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